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Various Artists - Sincere Flattery, Vol. 1 CS

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Slund - Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)
Uncle Buck - Youth Attack (Charles Bronson cover)
Endless Bore - Pressure (Negative Approach cover)
Night Sweats - Coup D'Etat (Refused cover)
Sidetracked - Hand That Feeds (Jenny Piccolo cover)
Body Farm - My Life (Lack of Interest cover)
Throne of Blood - Another Day (Scared Straight cover)
Tomb Warden - Infanticide (Assuck cover)
Ancient Torture Techniques - Charged Up (Hellnation cover)
JUNT - Fuck the System (Archagathus cover) 01:29
ANF - Hall of Fame (Government Issue cover)
God's America - Dawn Patrol (Megadeth cover)

Slund FFO: Meth Leppard, Six Brew Bantha, Backslider, Death Toll 80K, The Arson Project, Gadget, Internal Rot, Pig City, Sex Prisoner, P.L.F. (PLF), Harm Done, Kidnapped, Bandit, Feastem, ACxDC (Antichrist Demoncore), Enemy Soil, Wound Man, No/Mas, Cell Rot, The Kill

Uncle Buck FFO: Lugubrious Children, Nothing Clean, Henry Fonda, Manhunt, Goolagoon, Sea of Shit, Sickmark, Capitalist Casualties, Endless Swarm, xDELOREANx

Endless Bore FFO: Amygdala, Spazz, Ceremony, Trash Talk, The Locust, Trapped Under Ice, Fucked Up, DRAIN, Circle Takes the Square, Fury, Minority Unit, Eyehategod, The Rival Mob, Big Ups, Fuse, Morality Rate, Weekend Nachos, Foxtails, Punitive Damage, Nosebleed, Sordo, Sissyfit, Ho99o9, The Infested, Velvateen, ACxDC (Antichrist Demoncore), IDLES, Iron Reagan, Night Witch, Show Me the body, Dropdead, Liquid Death, Birds in Row, Outbreak, Scowl, School Drugs, Soul Glo, Bracewar, Anopheli, Big Cheese, Blacklisted

Night Sweats FFO: Extinct in the Wild, Gross Net, Giirls, White Void, XTR Human, Programm, VANIISH, Shadow Age, Sanne de Neige, Get Synchronized, Blurry Mountain, Phantom Forth, You., Twins of Thunder, PlotnikoV, Iantanaquamara, Standpoint, Venganza

Sidetracked FFO: Lack of Interest, Sex Prisoner, Hatred Surge, The Endless Blockade, Apartment 213, Sick/Tired, Iron Lung, Magnum Force, Hellnation, Assholeparade, Despise You, Insult, Extortion, Backslider, Triac, Weekend Nachos, ACxDC (Antichrist Demoncore), Gets Worse, Enemy Soil, Shitstorm

Body Farm FFO: SlutBomb, Peace Test, Punitive Damage, Escuela Grind, GEL, Drill Sergeant, Brain Tourniquet, Rejoice, SLUG, Big Laugh, En Love, SPACED, Warfare, SPY, WORLD PEACE, Scowl, Bootlicker, Restraining Order, Regional Justice Center, Electric Chair

Tomb Warden FFO: Abraded, Harm Done, Jarhead Fertilizer, Death Toll 80K, Deterioration, Genocide Pact, Caustic Wound, Phrenelith, ACxDC (Antichrist Demoncore), Bodybox, SCALP, Sex Prisoner, Discordance Axis, Malignant Altar, Regurgitate, Snuffed on Sight, Disgorge USA, Fluids, Sanguisugabogg, Weekend Nachos

Ancient Torture Techniques FFO: Bergeron, Void Forger, Machinist!, End On End, Crab Legs, New Gods, Risk

JUNT FFO: Napalm Death, Wormrot, Deterioration, R.O.T.W.L.C.F.T.S.C.B.M.H., Genophobic Perversion, Cannabis Corpse, Lymphatic Phlegm, Brutal Truth, Cliteater, Sulfuric Cautery, Exhumed, Blood, Immortal, Impetigo, Blood Duster, Pulsating Cerebral Slime, Toughguy, Raw Decimating Brutality, Teitanblood, Coaltar of the Deepers, Girth

ANF (Always Never Fun) FFO: Reproach, xKatexMoshx, Christer Pettersson, Catholic Youth, Low Threat Profile, Endless Swarm, POWERxCHUCK, Bandana Revenge, ill!, xCAPSULExCORPx

God's America FFO: Cave State, Six Brew Bantha, Backslider, False Light, Jarhead Fertilizer, Gets Worse, Endless Swarm, No Faith, Fissure, Sick/Tired, The Endless Blockade, Chest Pain, Sex Prisoner, Wound Man, Soul Swallower, Fed Ash, Blame God, Nak'ay, Fluoride, Hatred Surge

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